Web hosting

First Class plan's private hosting environment is closed from our other customers. This means that all the resources are dedicated for you 100%, giving you and your customers a very responsive and swift experience. All the server's settings (PHP, MySql etc..) can be customized and tailored for your own needs. We recommend the First Class - plan for companies with websites that are critical and essential for the company's sales, profit and the brand. Business Class -plan's use a shared hosting environment (HA), and we guarantee 99,9% UpTime. With the use of Plesk control panel, you can control your website as you wish. The emails, the website and various different applications are easy to customize to meet your needs. The Business Class plan is our most popular service, and it serves thousands of happy customers. We recommend the plan exclusively for businesses and companies. Economy Class -plan is a budget solution for the cost aware individuals. Plenty of storage for you website and emails, and it comes with a free easy to use tool to build your first website with! We recommend the Economy Class plan for individuals.

Economy Mini

€36,00 EUR

Economy Maxi

€48,00 EUR

Business WebStart

€67,00 EUR

Business WebPro Lite

€103,00 EUR

Business WebPro

€175,00 EUR

Business WebPro Plus

€280,00 EUR